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Mulcol Multimedia

Want to have a quick look at an image, product video, animation or installation manual? You can use Mulcol Multimedia and Apps to view or transfer information quickly and easily. You see exactly what the products look like. You also see how to use them to create a fire compartment.

Experience our products with Mulcol Multimedia, including:
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Motion Reality (MR)
  • The Mulcol Fire Protection app
  • Product videos

Discover our products with the Augmented Reality app

In addition to our Virtual Reality (VR)animations, you can also discover the convenience of our Mulcol products digitally. As an Augmented Reality (AR) app user, you work just like you are used to in practice. You use your smartphone or tablet to interact with the virtual layer that is projected onto your own work situation. You clearly see how the products look and the order in which they are applied.

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Experience real-world situations in our Virtual Reality animations

The latest digital technologies offer you a unique way to get to know our products and tested solutions. With Virtual Reality (VR) animations, you step into the 3D world of fire protection solutions. You see exactly how to install the products, giving you an even better picture of the possibilities and applications of Mulcol products.

Install our products virtually with Motion Reality

In addition to our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) apps, we also offer you the option to use our Mulcol products digitally. We use this technology in training programmes on passive fire protection. You use special glasses and controllers, connected to a computer, to apply the products virtually on and around different types of penetrations in wall and floor structures.

Would you like to experience working with Mulcol products and their various applications for yourself? All of our apps are available for download for iOS and Android!

Mulcol featured videos

Multicollar Slim - Introduction

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Multicollar Slim - Assembly

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Mulcol - VR Fire Scenario

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Need help?

Can´t find your selection? Or do you not understand how to proceed? No problem, we are happy to help you further!

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Download the Mulcol Fire Protection App for your Android phone or tablet

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Download Mulcol App

Download the Mulcol Fire Protection App for your iPhone or iPad

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