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Mulcol trained

In practice, we see a high demand for knowledge of penetration seals in fire barriers. With our unique training programme, we teach installers how to apply a proper and certified seal to openings around system penetrations and in joints and seams.

What products are available for penetration seals and how do you use them?

Participants learn what measures to take in order to protect a building from fire according to fire the requirements. After all, buildings must be protected from fire to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and residents. To meet these requirements, Mulcol International strives for high quality in its product applications.

These Mulcol training programmes provide installers with additional knowledge on:
  • The meanings of WBDBO/REI/REW
  • Fire dampers (EN 1366-2)
  • Penetration seals (EN 1366-3)
  • Seam and joint seals (EN 1366-4)
  • Smoke resistance Sa & S200 (NEN6075)
  • Tested Mulcol products and applications
  • Product functioning and applications
  • Use of Mulcol apps and Multiselector

Students receive a personalised badge after successful completion of the training programme. This allows students to demonstrate that they are Mulcol-trained to work with firestops.

Target groups include installers who work at companies, such as application firms, who spend at least 50% of their working hours sealing openings, joints and seams.

  • The company for which the participating installer works must be in existence for at least 3 years and must have projects every month in the area of building fire protection.
  • Installers trained by Mulcol must take a refresher at least once a year. This keeps them up-to-date on the latest developments in the area of building fire protection.
  • In addition to taking the training programmes, installers trained by Mulcol are also tested on projects agreed in advance.
Benefits of Mulcol-trained installers:
  • Greater peace of mind thanks to specialised knowledge of fire protection products
  • Knowledge of how to work with Mulcol products
  • Reduced failure costs
  • Up-to-date knowledge thanks to refresher courses
  • Up-to-date knowledge from the latest test reports
  • Technical support and backup from the Mulcol team
  • Project support
  • Certified with the unique and personalised Mulcol-Trained Badge
Added benefits for the client:
  • EN-certified work with tested products
  • Up-to-date knowledge of fire barriers in operation
  • Discounts from insurance companies

The training programmes are free of charge and all course materials are provided by Mulcol. Read more about training programmes here. Would you like to learn more, or make an appointment? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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