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Mulcol Data Manager

Free data management for building owners and installers

The Mulcol Data Manager helps installers to digitally register all fire-resistant sealing in your building. Modifications are entered in a single central location, all data is safely stored in the cloud and this information can be shared by the online application.

A file filled with paper certificates, plans, product data and test reports about fire-resistant sealing is now a thing of the past. The Mulcol Data Manager digitally registers all fire-resistant sealing in a building. Thanks to the online application, this data is available and up to date anytime, anywhere. You decide who to share this information with and how you do that, by granting user-specific authorisations.

Safe and sustainable solution

As you can expect from Mulcol International, our products and packaging are not the only thing that is sustainable, we also have the solution for the safe and environmentally-friendly registration of all fire-resistant sealing in your building. As the log no longer comes in the form of a file or folder full of paper documents, this important data is less vulnerable, easier to find, always up to date and always available.

A better insight and grip

In the Mulcol Data Manager, all files can be digitally viewed, downloaded, sent or printed off in the form of convenient reports. This offers more security and it gives you a better grip on the fire-resistant sealing in your building. The Mulcol Data Manager maintenance log enables you to simply demonstrate your duty of care and the status of your fire-preventive measures.

Free of charge

Why free of charge? As the registration in the Mulcol Data Manager concentrates on our fire-resistant products, we are able to make the system available free of charge.

Registering for a training course

Would you like a clear explanation before you start using the digital logbook system? Or would you like to learn more about the possibilities available with the Mulcol Data Manager? We can help with that. Follow a training course presented by Mulcol International, free of charge.

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The Mulcol Data Manager can be installed on desktops and other devices such as tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

If you want to find out more about the Mulcol Registration System, please contact us. You can now start using our free Data Manager


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